Navajo Resist Fracking near Chaco Canyon

Navajo Resist Fracking near Chaco Canyon

Fracking pollution threatens Navajo ancestral lands and Chaco Canyon                                    


The rights for drilling on 843 acres in the Chaco Canyon sold for $3 million on 1/27/2017. The sale of the parcels had been postponed on three occasions since 2012.

BLM spokeswoman Donna Hummel says the agency will not issue the parcels to the winning bidders until several protests filed in connection with the sale are resolved.

Take Action by February 20th: Submit a public comment to the Bureau of Land Management demanding no new oil or gas leases in Greater Chaco



A fracking boom in the San Juan Basin has spilled a methane cloud into the atmosphere large enough for NASA to detect from space, is polluting the underground aquifer with fracking chemicals and is desecrating Navajo/Diné sacred sites. The Pinon Pipeline would deliver fracked gas from the San Juan Basin to the railroad in either Milan or Prewitt.


Frack Free 4 Corners

A coalition of fractivists who oppose the fracking that's currently happening in the Four Corners area. They intend to unite activists & work towards ending fracking in the 4 corners area. Concerns are the ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon, aquifer pollution, atmospheric methane gas spills & climate change.


Wild Earth Guardians:


San Juan Citizens United:


Region: Four Corners , Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

Tribe: Diné/Navajo

Pueblo Action Alliance

Pueblo Action Alliance

Bears Ears

Bears Ears