Water Protectors march in prayer. Standing Rock, ND

Water Protectors march in prayer. Standing Rock, ND


Native Solidarity was born in 2016 at Standing Rock. We realized that the world needs to hear about all of the other issues faced by Native Communities throughout North America that deserve the same support that Standing Rock has seen.

This project is above all a solidarity effort. If you have money you would like to donate, we ask that you prioritize getting money to Native organizers on the ground. Most of the efforts featured on this website are in need of resources and have donation pages up.

Native Solidarity is created and maintained by volunteers—we do not receive any money for the time and thought put into this project. However, the website itself does cost money to maintain, and we appreciate support in keeping this website up for people to use.

Our expenses are:

  • Squarespace website: $18/month ($216/year)
  • Website domain subscriptions: $36/year

If you would like to help pay for Native Solidarity's upkeep costs, you can click on the link below to contribute:

Thank you!